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Mehdi Zand is an innovative writer and thinker, motivated to decode the human condition. For most of his life he has striven to find answers to some of the existential challenges that have yet to be resolved
To date his publications include the Zxavian philosophy, the Exordium series and the Seda, penned in Farsi and English.
With a lifelong devotion to understanding the unknown, he believes that with the proper application of logic, even the most obscure mysteries can be unravelled.
He believes the concepts he has formulated are the keys that we can use to stimulate the brain, strengthen the mind and improve our awareness.
He also thinks the human family is poised and ready to make the transition into a new phase consciousness, and despite the challenges we face, he remains optimistic about the outcome.
With over 120 awards to his name for his contribution to the world of martial arts, He is also a Grandmaster and the founder of Sef Shin, “the secret combat of fire.”
By presenting a new and alternative appraisal of many entrenched ideas, whether they be political or philosophical, His, envisions a future in which the human spirit can find its freedom and become the enlightened master of its own destiny.

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Recognition & Awards

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand receive the Philosopher of the Year

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand recives MAA-I Cross Of Honour

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand receives the Scandinavian Medal of Service. 2012

World Marial Arts Book Vol- 6

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