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As a child, Mehdi Zand began questioning the world he grow up in. At first it was a simple innocent curiosity that urged him to query the adults around him but was soon he began to ask questions far beyond the normal understanding of a boy of his age.
In the mid-70s, during his teen age years, revolution engulfed his country of birth but he stood apart from the rioting masses realising that something was fundamentally wrong with what was happening.
He recalls trying to deter friends from demonstrating, aware of the hidden agenda to destabilise and change the future of a prosperous nation to that of a dictatorship that would torture and murder thousands during the darkest time of its history.
Unaffected, he stood in the midst of this turmoil and watched as the country in which he lived was torn apart by revolution that infected everyone with mass hysteria, like an unseen virus.
As Mehdi Zand grew to adolescence his questioning of life developed into a unique process of thinking and through the application of this process he began to peel back the layers of illusion shrouding the truths of existence.
Every form of conventional thinking fell under his scrutiny.
In the past decade Mehdi Zand began to convey his concepts and theories in the corpus of the Zxavian Philosophy, History reborn and The Exordium.
Beyond the realm of social science Mehdi Zand is as expert in Martial Arts, holding an impressive record of 120 international awards. He is founder of Sefshin, The Secret Combat of Fire.
However it was this unique thought process which enabled him to see deep into the unknown elements of martial arts also, empowering him to perform such feats as the blind folded use of the sword, demonstrated several times in public exhibitions.
This skill of seeing beyond what is in front of him is not a precognition of future events nor is it some sort of magic, it is simply an awareness of his surroundings and an understanding of the world we all live in. Mehdi Zand believes we can all learn and use the same thought process to change the world and realise a goal of peace and unity for all.

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