Sefshin – The Secret Combat of Fire

Sef Shin: The Secret Combat of Fire

Mehdi Zand
Mehdi Zand

Rare as it may be, Sefshin is the calculated synergy of solid movements and fluid motions, a unique combination of speed and power. Even so, the basic element that inspired the creation of this martial art originates from the passages of the book called The Exordium.
In this epic tale there are intelligences that move with the power and strength of the gods, faster than light and flexibility beyond normal comprehension. Some fought with honour and dignity while others fought ferociously and without mercy, but each side capable of defeating their opponent with their tactical strategy.
The art of Sefshin aims to duplicate, as far as is humanly possible the speed and dexterity of these indomitable characters. It will push the practitioner beyond the limits of the physique and past the barriers within the mind and develop the student into a confident and formidable martial artist.
Sefshin is not just a martial art, it is the gateway for every student to advance and defeat their weakness, limitation, fear and doubt.
Following the path of Sefshin leads to greatness of the self and as Master Zand would say, “When aligned with the stars, you become a celestial body. When you are a shadow of the stars in line with the constellations of past, present and future and conquer all possibility therein, you will become The Master of fire.”
Note – Sefshin is registered worldwide by the major governing bodies of martial art as a legitimate system of combat.

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