Mehdi Zand

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand receives
The Platinum Martial Artist Legend Award.

In association with MAA-I in Germany, Martial Arts Times Magazine has released a special edition to honour its prestigious Hall of Fame.
Hundreds of Masters and Grandmasters worldwide received awards, diplomas, trophies, and plaques. On the cover of this particular issue, there is a picture of Grandmaster Mehdi Zand performing one of his famous poses, ‘In alignment with the stars.’

In this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony, Grandmaster Mehdi Zand received one of the highest awards in Martial arts: The Platinum Martial Artist Legend Award 2012.

This award is rare and usually given to those who have a tremendous impact in the martial arts community.

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand says, “First of all, I am honoured; I thank MATM and MAA-I for awarding me this prestigious title. These awards indicate that Sefshin is becoming a worldwide name and those who are part of Sefshin and its philosophy have been a great influence towards recognising this unique martial arts system.”

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