Mehdi Zand

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand on the front cover of Taekwondo Links
Magazine – Australia

2015 is off to a great start, with another major success. Australia’s very own
Taekwondo Links International Magazine has featured Grandmaster Mehdi
Zand on the front cover, as well as an exclusive 6 page interview. TLM is a
worldwide magazine, with issues distributed in countries such as Korea,
Japan, Indonesia, USA, Australia, New Zealand and many more, including their
international airports.
This February issue is another opportunity to learn more about the founder of
Sefshin, as the interview covers a range of topics from Grandmaster Zand’s
background; how and when he first came to learn martial arts and its
difficulties, his sword fighting abilities, the creation of Sefshin, and heavily
focusing on the inspirations behind his work and philosophies which he will
soon introduce to the public.
In the same issue, two of his senior students have received their own
introductory articles that explain their connection to Sefshin and the founder
of Sefshin, GM Mehdi Zand.
Sefshin International Federation would like to thank the Taekwondo Links
Magazine for their support, and this wonderful opportunity.

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