Mehdi Zand

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand on the Cover of World Martial Arts
Book Volume 6 (2016)

International Martial Arts Times Magazine and MAA-I have collaborated to release the
World Martial Arts Book Volume 6, in 2015.
With more than 85,000 hardcopies released, it is the most sought after in
the World Martial Arts Book series. More than 100 respected masters and
grandmasters are featured throughout the book, with articles, photos and
Sefshin International Federation is happy to announce that Grandmaster
Mehdi Zand has been given the honour to stand on the cover amongst the
various masters of martial art around the globe. It is an important step for
SIF, as two senior students, Kavi and Domenico are also included on the
cover of this prestigious book.
GM Mehdi Zand would like to thank IMATM and MAA-I for their great
work, and congratulate all the martial artists who have put their time and
effort into their craft.

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