Mehdi Zand

June/July 2014 – GM Mehdi Zand Front Cover Title and Interview
with MATM-( The Highest Sales to Date)

Due to the popularity of GM Mehdi Zand, the Chief Editor of MATM has
announced that they have released the largest amount of copies for one single
issue in their history. Reaching an all-time high, the June/July issue is
circulating the globe with 119000 copies.
Thousands of copies were pre-sold before the issue had even been finalised; it
is clear that people were eager to get their hands on MATM and read the new
interview with Grandmaster Mehdi Zand. People from countries such as Iran,
USA, Korea, Japan, Thailand and many more had subscribed to this unique
In this issue there is an exclusive multi-page interview which covers GM Mehdi
Zand’s martial art background; the history of Sefshin and its philosophy, his
books, and his blindfolded sword performances. In this issue, he also
introduces two of his high-level students to the many readers of Martial Arts
Times Magazine.
Sefshin International Federation (SIF) thanks the entire team of Martial Arts
Times Magazine for their hard work and dedication to martial arts and wishes
the best success and the highest sales to date.

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