Mehdi Zand

The Chinese Medal of Dragon

Master Mehdi Zand was delighted and extremely pleased to be presented with one of the most elite martial arts awards globally, ‘The Chinese Medal of Dragon’.

The Chinese Medal is given to those who represent the true spirit of the mythical dragon; power; determination; agility, and courage. The one who holds the medal is said to receive the gift of prosperity and immortality in the unknown realms.

This award is limited to only 100 pieces and is awarded to a selected few to honour their achievements and contribution to the sport and the world of martial arts.

The Personal Instructor sponsors the award to the Chinese Premier, and the honorary head of the MAA-I is recognised as one of the foremost organisations in martial arts.

When asked to comment, Grandmaster Mehdi Zand was overjoyed and said, “This is another monumental step towards Sef Shin’s world recognition. I am extremely honoured and hope that all the students of Sefshin and I can uphold the ideals and codes that the Medal of Dragon represents. Thank you very much.”

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