Shamshir – The Spirit of the Ancient Sword

interview-Mehdi-zand-Exordium-Sefshin -Philosophy-International-Federation
Mehdi Zand

The sword, otherwise known as Shamshir is a magnificent and dangerous weapon, holding the spirit of all the ancient warriors who once wielded a blade in their mighty hands. The very same warriors who defended their land from countless intruders, putting their lives at risk to protect their history and honour.

Every battle was deadly and even the smallest error would certainly lead to fatal injury, if not death. This is why this weapon was only trusted in the hands of those who truly understood the spirit of the ancient sword.

However, there have been a handful of swordsmen who have made their mark in history. From Miyamoto Musashi, one of the best Japanese swordsmen to Lotf Ali Khan Zand. Lotf Ali Khan Zand was a young man who fought in the legendary “battle of the gods”, where this Persian prince stood as one against thousands.

But has this art been forgotten? Mehdi Zand has shown us that the spirit of the ancient sword still thrives.

As with Sefshin, he has earned the respect of the martial arts world with his legendary feats and mastery of the sword. He is so intimately entwined with this honorable weapon that it sits comfortably in both his hands.

Those fortunate enough to sit as audience during one of his rare demonstrations were left speechless by what they witnessed. It is no wonder since the sharp blade of his sword moves like a flash of lightning, so fast that before the two halves of the object he has just cut split apart it is already back in it sheath. No matter how amazing, it still pales in comparison to his blindfolded swordplay which leaves everyone mystified and asking questions which cannot be answered by conventional science.

Being a dedicated art, Shamshir places its own demands on the practitioner; patience, poise, precision and sympathy for the deadly sharpness of the blade they are trying to master.

For those who wish for themselves to be like the warlords of past, wielding with the sword to defend the throne of excellence, battling the legions of enemies threatening their freedom – imagine no more.