Mehdi Zand

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand on the cover of the most prestige publication of
2016(Breaking the Sale Record- 122000 Copies)

Following up on the 2014 feature on Grandmaster Mehdi Zand, which smashed all
previous sales records, Martial Arts Time Magazine in association with MMAI are
delighted to once again feature, the founder of’ Sefshin’ on the front cover of their 2016
June publication. .
In an inspiring 7 page article, we continue to discover more about the life and work of
Grandmaster Mehdi Zand, who has rapidly become one of the most recognised martial
artists in the world; and we are introduced two of his most senior students, who offer
their own insights into what it means to be a ‘Sefshin’ Warrior.
We will also have the opportunity to learn more about Grandmaster Mehdi Zand’s
illuminating and captivating concept, the ‘Zxavian Philosophy’, which he believes can
create change on a quantum level in each of us and ultimately bring about world peace.
With what is already proving to be a successful year, Sefshin International federation
would like to thank everyone for their continued support, and it seems, this could be
another record breaking month for Grandmaster Mehdi Zand and Martial Arts Time

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