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Who is Mehdi Zand

Greetings to You All
If you are not familiar with my written work, I am the author of the Exordium series, The Seda, and the soon to be published, Zxavian philosophy and history reborn.
I have also been practicing martial arts since age of 8, and drawing on this foundation along with the unique combative abilities of the characters within my books, I founded SefShin, ‘The secret combat of fire.’
Although, anyone could have difficulty offering a clear definition of themselves, however, given the nature of my writing, it might be easier to define what I wish to achieve.
Growing up I always questioned everything and everyone around me, regardless of their credentials.
It was during the turmoil of revolution in my home country, where religion, politics and social dynamics merged into one entity, that I witnessed how people could be manipulated into acting against their own interest, regardless of their education or social status.
Underlying the many experiences I have had, some which have pushed me to my very limits, I have always been passionate about discovering the truth.
In being a member of this human family, I am inspired to imagine and create, and I am grateful to be able to share what I have discovered through my writing and the martial arts, which I hope will have a positive impact on people everywhere.
Ultimately, I believe there is no mystery that cannot be unravelled, and if certain knowledge has been deemed forbidden, then I will find a way to discover it for myself.
Through these means, which I consider to be the effective application of thought and logic, I think it is possible to elevate the human spirit and embolden the soul.
I believe the heart and mind of every human deserves to be free, and through higher knowledge we may discover who and what we are.

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