Zxavian Philosophy

The Zxavian Philosophy

Human conflict has scarred our history from the very beginning. Only the threat of total destruction in the nuclear era has forced politicians to apply diplomatic methods to overcome differences between nations.
What is at the heart of our species that does not allow us to find peace within ourselves or with others?

This innate human predisposition is at the root of so many of our problems, some are obvious, many are not. Unless we find a way to obtain unity within ourselves and the world around us, humanity will always be chained to a cycle of life which does not allow them to evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

What Mehdi Zand is presenting has not been thought of before let alone written. He is introducing something original and new. The Zavian Philosophy reveals the cause of inner conflict and presents a specific method to overcome this unending opposition within the self. If the procedure is followed as instructed, the potential for change is immeasurable.

Mehdi Zand invites you to read the Zavian Philosophy and find your own path to inner unity and personal liberation.