MAA – I Cross Of Honour 2012

On the 2 June 2012 in Soest, Germany, the International Martial Arts Association invited its annual Congress & Global Meeting of the Martial Arts Association – International to which Grandmaster Mehdi Zand was also invited.

The event started at 6pm in Statdhalle (sports hall) and was host to over 800 important and influential martial artists and supporters from all over the world. As well as a lavish banquet the guests were treated to martial arts demonstrations from various disciplines, such as Shaolin Kung-Fu, Jeet Kun Do, Ju Jitsu and Kempo.

This was a very prestigious event in which all the most influential patrons attended however this is of particular importance for Sefshin and its International Federation since our very own Grandmaster Zand was honoured with the presentation of the world famous MAA-I Cross of Honour.

Although Master Zand has a steadily growing accolade of awards recognising his outstanding contributions to the martial arts community, this award is of special interest. It has been awarded to him not only for his invaluable service to martial arts but also in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the humanitarian aid provided by the MAA-I worldwide.

This is a welcomed award which recognises his unselfish and giving nature to those who are less fortunate and in need of basic every day needs, such as food, medicines and shelter.
Master Mehdi Zand said “I thank Grandmaster Bernd Hoehle and the entire MAA-I team for honouring me with this highly prestigious award. My students and I will do our best to uphold the value and honour that this presentation holds. Thank you.”

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