Grandmaster Zand on the Cover of the Martial Arts World Book Vol 3

The International Martial Arts Times Magazine & MAA–I have decided to honour Grandmaster Zand by including him on the front cover and featuring a multipage spread covering Sef Shin and Shamshir in the Martial Arts World Book Volume 3.

This prestigious publication is only issued once a year and is designed to acknowledge the accomplishment of those outstanding Masters, from all martial arts styles. Master Zand was included in this year’s volume due to his continual support of martial arts and his tremendous contribution as the founder of Sef Shin – The Secret Combat of Fire and Shamshir– The Art of the Ancient Sword.

During an interview with the news team at Sef Shin International Federation, Master Zand was very gracious when hearing the news. “It is a great honour for me and for all my students all over the world to be included in this year’s annual. This year has started off in fantastic form and I will continue to strive forward developing this system and making an even bigger impact on the world stage. I would like to thank everyone from the Martial Art Times Magazine and MAA–I for this wonderful acknowledgement and look forward to this year’s calendar which is shaping up to be a great year for all.”

This annual martial arts publication is distributed worldwide, with over 62,000 copies sent out to all the major martial arts schools, clubs, federations and international associations. Arriving hot off the press in March 2012 it will feature Master Zand on the front page directly below the dragon, an incredible acknowledgement by itself.

For those who are unable to secure a copy, don’t worry! We will feature the article on, and
Finally from all the students and followers of Master Zand, we wish you all the best and continued success for 2012 and beyond. It is a great honour and a well deserved award, thank you very much.

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