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International Martial Arts Time Magazine in collaboration with MAA-I have decided to feature Grandmaster Zand on the cover of this month’s issue. This is the second time that they have given him the honour of standing alone on the front of this highly prestigious martial arts magazine.
Within the magazine is a seven page exclusive interview which covers various topics such as his creation; the art of Sefshin; his blindfolded swordsmanship; information on his background, and how his book, The Exordium is his source of inspiration.

International Martial Arts Time Magazine sold over 52,000 copies, this issue has been published and distributed to over 125 countries worldwide. Martial arts organisations, national martial arts federations, clubs, gymnasiums, international airlines, hotels and consulates, schools, colleges and thousands of members will have seen Grandmaster Zand representing the art of Sefshin on the front cover of this exceptional publication.

Sefshin international federation, the students and all the supporters congratulate Grandmaster Mehdi Zand on this wonderful achievement.

We spoke to Grandmaster Mehdi Zand earlier and he said, “I am extremely honoured to be on the cover on this magazine again, and I thank the entire International Martial Arts Time Magazine team for giving me this opportunity. I would also like to thank my students, fans and those who support me – it would not have been possible without you.”

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