BBC Interview with Master Mehdi Zand

In an exclusive interview with the BBC, Master Mehdi Zand spoke about his recent exhibition and the philosophy behind his martial art. This interview was broadcasted in the entire Middle East and this is the Transliteration of the actual interview.

Reporter: Not long ago I entered into one of the martial art clubs in London and I was introduced to a fairly new system. From what I understand the difference between this system and other styles is beside the physical aspect it greatly concentrates on mind power and the influence of suggestion. Mehdi Zand is the Master in this specific system and has reached the highest grade possible in his field. While the students were practicing I had the opportunity to speak to Master Mehdi Zand himself.

Reporter: Mr Zand how long have you been practicing this particular art, and at what stage are you at?

Mehdi Zand: I have been practicing this art for more than 18 years and at the moment I am at the highest stage in this style which is Grandmaster.

Reporter: Tell us a bit about the different levels in this system and how long would it take in order to achieve the Master rank like yourself.

Mehdi Zand: This system has been divided into many different levels, stage one would take between 8-10 years and in this stage the student would learn all the necessary combat techniques, from one on one to the mass fighting, also, discipline and order will be practiced .The second stage takes the student up to black belt level and in this stage they would learn different levels of concentration, like mind over matter and focus analysis, in this level the student will become more entwined with the philosophy of budo (war art) and would achieve the status of young master. In the third level which is from the 4th till the 8th Dan the participant should pass through many stages of disciplines, order and control. And the last stage which is the Grandmaster is the honorary title which can only be received from the highest authority. In my case when my teacher died last year, in a small voting system that took place between the other masters, they honoured me to become the Grandmaster of this system worldwide.

Reporter: What is the difference between your system and other martial art system like Karate, Judo and Taekwondo?

Mehdi Zand: If you look at this system in a technical way, it has more than 76 thousands physical movements and it has over 30 forms or kata which many of them are inspired from the way animals fight and defend themselves in nature. The animal techniques such as crane, eagle, leopard, snake and tiger are greatly practiced. In the higher stages of this system there are movement that are taken from the shadow of the stars over planet Earth and these moment are very useful to enhance internal energy and meditation.

One of the important factors of this art is to understand and harness the great energies that exist within us and our universe today, one is microcosmic energy. Through certain ways of concentration and set of movements we will be able to feel these energies and control them to a certain extent. I should say that only by dedication and concentration and certain dieting are you able to reach such level. The names of some of these energies are physical, internal, mental and microcosmic energy. For example if someone can control their internal energy they will be able to fight without the use of their eyes. Last year we had a exhibition of how some of these energies could be used, I showed the ability to fight three on one combat without the use of vision, also in another part of this demonstration, I was blindfolded and they placed an apple on the palm of one of my students, I was unaware where he was but after a few moments I located my intended target and cut the apple in two without hurting the student, this is one of the way to use the microcosmic energy.

Reporter: Master Zand does those students that participate have any fear?

Mehdi Zand: No they have no fear; they have faith in me and my ability.
Reporter: Thank you very much for giving us your time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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