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The following is a transcript of Dr Ali Reza Nourizadeh’s Television program Regarding Mehdi Zand and his book the Exordium: The Emergence of the Gods.

Dr Ali Reza Nourizadeh is an Iranian political analyst and this program was broadcast on the 20th of September 2004.

In the opportunities that I have had, at times some things attract my attention, for example, now that I am digressing, let me tell you that recently I have seen a book, the writer of which is an exceptional master of the martial arts. Some of you may have heard his name; Mehdi Zand.

This person, who is in a state of intense concentration, and being in a state of silence with in the self, or having settled in oneself, is I believe is a necessity of being a true human being.

Mr. Mehdi Zand practices the combination of physical strength with the power of the mind, because the martial arts require more than just punching or striking with the side of the hand. Anyway, I digress again.

I was mentioning Mr. Mehdi Zand and that I used to know him only as a master of the martial arts, until suddenly a book came into my hands: The Exordium, The Emergence of the Gods. In the English language, a very complicated book that makes man wonder, when did Mehdi Zand make such exceptional use of the English language?

The title of the book is The Exordium, The Emergence of the Gods. I have looked through this book, just looked at it, and thought to myself. I saw the person who has written this book and he has to have reached a degree of spirituality, has to have reached the stage where the hidden can be seen. For moments, he is within himself, with his God, so that he can calm the tired human soul.

With passion, I turned the pages of the book. I hope this book is translated into many languages so that it becomes accessible to everyone and everyone can read The Exordium, The Emergence of the Gods.

I happen to have a copy and I can show you the front cover. It is an extraordinary book. In these times of unease and turbulence false prophets, whose gods are ruthless and tyrannical, spread the religion of hate, death and corruption. In such times, when one opens a river like the book of Mehdi Zand, one wants to pour his tired heart into such a river and let it swim and cleanse all those particles of dirt that have settled on his body and soul.

Read the book. I advise you, it is my opinion that this book brings the true meaning and the glory of God in its beautiful divine meaning, for human kind.

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