What does it mean to hold a 10th Level Black Belt?

What does it mean to hold a 10th Level Black Belt?

The character of Dan (段, dan?) is used in Japanese to mean step or grade, and is commonly used to demonstrate the ranking of black belt martial artists.

10th Dan or jūdan (十段:じゅうだん): is the highest degree of black belt, which is rarely achieved.

Because of his relatively young age Mehdi Zand was required to demonstrate his skill, power and technique in front of certified judges from different international governing bodies.
In 2010 Mehdi Zand completed these trials and was awarded this most outstanding achievement of 10th Dan black belt degree.

As one prestigious martial arts organization recently quoted,

‘This degree is a testament to a life of dedication, teaching, focus, honour and self discipline. It takes a very special person to achieve this highest rank in the martial arts community. You have achieved more than most others could ever fathom and for that you have been awarded the 10th Dan degree of Judan.’